If your restaurant, bar, or club has an outdoor seating or gathering area, adding outdoor entertainment can draw more customers and keep them around longer. Whether you want to be able to show live sporting events, share information about specials and upcoming events, host trivia nights, add advertising opportunities, or simply reinforce branding, outdoor screens can add impact and value to your outside spaces.

If you’re considering adding outdoor screens to your venue, you’ll need a partner who understands the complexities of specialized outdoor screen installation. Outdoor displays require more knowledge than your typical off-the-shelf units, and you’ll need someone with experience to evaluate your space and needs so you start with the right product. Consider professional outdoor screen installation for quality and attention to detail that matches that of your establishment, protecting your investment in unpredictable outdoor conditions. Promotion Technology Group (PTG) walks with you every step of the way, from choosing the right display for your project, to professional installation from experts who know how to get the most out of your outdoor entertainment solution.


If you are planning an outdoor screen installation, PTG can help you understand why it is important to step up to a professional outdoor digital screen. Buying the right display the first time will save you money and time.

Not all displays are created equal. Indoor consumer displays are designed for just that – consumer use. These displays are intended for use under the controlled lighting and climate of an indoor space as opposed to direct sunlight with a variety of weather conditions.  Under the rigors of extended use and harsh conditions, consumer displays will quickly demonstrate why they are not made for heavy use, potentially losing picture quality or brightness, showing signs of burn-in, or even outright failing.  These consumer models also tend to lack some key features that are important for commercial use, and their limited warranties are often invalid when used in a commercial setting.

Commercial video displays, on the other hand, are engineered to run longer, handle heat better, avoid image burn-in, and offer brightness and color specifications intended for commercial use. Most models are also built to operate in either landscape or portrait mode for ultimate flexibility, and they offer better service and multi-year on-site warrantees, which is especially crucial for intricate installations.


If your plans for outdoor entertainment include a space that’s lit by the sun, you’ll need to ensure the displays you install will be bright and dynamic enough to be view-able and readable by your customers.

For this, PTG can guide you through the purchase and installation of a sunlight-readable display. These specialized commercial displays have the same features as standard displays, but with a few other features. The main additional feature is the actual brightness of the screen. Display brightness is measured in Nits, and now you may be wondering how many Nits are required for a display to be "daylight readable." The answer is 1,000 Nits. If you purchase and install a screen below that brightness level, it may not be readable in daylight, which would be a disappointing outcome of your investment and could leave customers unable to enjoy the new technology you’ve added.

Sunlight-readable displays were made for outdoor areas with full sun and have other features with some including extra cooling fans to keep the screen cool should it be in direct sunlight. Some digital displays go one step further with designs to operate in locations where the sun shines directly on the screen. Unless you work with an expert, you may not know for sure if you have the right display for your needs until it’s already purchased and installed. The first time the sun is out may be the first time you know if you’ve made the right decision.


Some outdoor settings are more extreme than others. In some climates, you may have an outdoor advertising screen that’s rarely exposed to anything more than a little heat or dust. Other settings push commercial displays to their limits, and extreme weather outdoor screens are perfect for outdoor entertainment settings where the display will be exposed to heat, cold, rain, and even snow. For installation in an environment that you might have thought is impractical, believe it or not, these sets can handle extreme conditions. If you thought your space's conditions were too harsh for an outdoor screen installation, let PTG show you a variety of displays that can handle the outdoors and bring advertising, branding, and entertainment to your restaurant, bar, or club.

This level of display technology requires experts that understand the technology needed for extreme conditions as there are endless variations of screen types and designs. A professional can evaluate your space to ensure that displays can be installed safely with the necessary features for the demands of the area. Professional outdoor screen installation becomes even more critical as installing electrical equipment in locations where water is present must be handled with care to ensure everyone’s safety. At PTG, our installers have performed these installations and know what to look for and precisely what to do to ensure a high-quality, safe installation. Are you ready to enhance your space and delight your customers?


If you need the very best to handle the toughest conditions, PTG can show you outdoor digital screens with the ability to handle the absolute worst you can throw at them. An industrial display monitor can serve the same function as any commercial display but in an even more extreme environment. These monitors are engineered to military-grade specifications, offer high brightness sunlight-readable displays, and come in waterproof and environmentally sealed models. There are now no limits to where you can install an outdoor digital screen!


Remaining competitive in the restaurant business is about more than just your food and service, and you need every edge possible to keep customers coming back.

Outdoor entertainment can help you create the restaurant customer experience you need for continued success. PTG’s design expertise ensures you get what you want and what you need. Each commercial video display project requires a fresh approach, meticulous project management, and industry-compliant engineering.

We’ve been experts in the field for more than 30 years, and it’s our job to stay on top of the latest technology and best practices for restaurant installation. We research and push for ongoing improvements.

When it comes to outdoor screen installation, we’re ready to serve. Design, engineering, installation, service, and support. Order up!


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